CHANEL Sunglasses

Chanel glasses have a classic range of sunglasses that endures. With so many stylish options available, Chanel glasses will appeal to any taste.
Chanel sunglasses for women from Optical Center are at all prices.

In 2018, Chanel eyewear made its online debut and provided shoppers with an unmatched shopping experience. Hundreds of stylish styles can be sorted by color, silhouette and theme for easy viewing.

CHANEL 5245 Sunglasses

The CHANEL 5245 sunglasses are the epitome of classic elegance. Gabrielle Chanel's timeless elegance meets Karl Lagerfeld's contemporary flair, creating an instant classic. These sophisticated eyeglasses boast an exclusive acetate pattern and their oversized butterfly shape will flatter most face shapes. Plus, their delicate arms and lightweight construction make them comfortable to wear all day long. Other signature Chanel features include matelasse effects on the temples as well as double C monogram logos on each lens - a must have for any fashion lover!

CHANEL 5245 Cat Eye Sunglasses

CHANEL has been a French fashion house for over 100 years and their timeless designs never go out of style. From tweed jackets to quilted leather flap bags, the label seamlessly integrates modern ideas with traditional aesthetic to create timeless looks. Their chic sunglasses showcase this perfectly with their exclusive acetate pattern only available from Chanel. With grey lenses and narrow arms featuring chain link threaded through black leather, these sunglasses add an air of classic sophistication to any outfit - each arm bearing the iconic CC monogram logo for a subtle yet fashionable finishing touch.

CHANEL 5245 Oversized Butterfly Sunglasses

These CHANEL 5245 Oversized Butterfly Sunglasses offer a bold and feminine style, making them the ideal addition to any wardrobe. Crafted from silverton metal, these chic sunglasses boast oversized butterfly-shaped frames with pink tinted lenses that offer 100% UV protection - sure to make you want to wear them everyday! Plus, their matelasse and quilted touches add an elegant touch that's classic Chanel; sure to become one of your go-to pairs for years to come. A subtle yet sophisticated 'C' monogram logo appears ambiguously on the lens for added visual interest that sets these apart from others.